Backcountry Skiing in Colorado

Skiing and Hiking in the Colorado Backcountry


Portillo, Incredible Portillo


Pretty much every skier in North America knows that when the snow melts, and summer arrives it’s time to shift gears.  The mountain bikes come out, the trail running shoes go on and we go about our summer.  Yet, in the back of our minds we all know that somewhere down south… way down south, it’s winter, and winter means skiing.  Some of us have a harder time than others shifting gears.  Before last summer I had skied 32 months straight, until the Colorado drought put a stop to that.  This summer I knew I would need something more than skiing dirty snow on St. Mary’s glacier.  So a year ago, I booked a trip to Portillo, Chile, with my friend Marcus.  What followed was an incredible, life-changing experience which I will never forget. Continue reading



Heli Skiing in Girdwood Alaska, The Trip of a Lifetime

Ok, so I know this is a blog about backcountry skiing.  However, I figured any ski enthusiast wouldn’t hold it against me if I blogged about my latest excursion.

If you’ve every watched a ski movie (Warren Miller, TGR, etc) you’ve inevitably dreamed about taking a helicopter into the heart of the mountains and picking your line.  It’s every skier’s dream and I’ve shared that dream with many for years.  Due to some good fortune I was able to take a trip to Alaska and finally live that dream in early March.  Hopefully this will give some insight to the whole experience. I hope I can convey just a little bit of the sheer joy I experienced in Alaska with Chugach Powder Guides. Continue reading