Backcountry Skiing in Colorado

Skiing and Hiking in the Colorado Backcountry


Cross Couloir, Mt. Of the Holy Cross (14,005′)


Mt. of the Holy Cross smiles, as if to say "you're welcome."

Mt. of the Holy Cross smiles, as if to say “you’re welcome.”

We all have those goals in life that just seem like they’re never going to materialize.  We try and try, yet something always finds a way to thwart our best laid plans.  Then, one day, the clouds part and you see your goal in front of you in all its glory.  For the first time it appears totally attainable and that attainment unfolds almost effortlessly.  For me, this scenario describes my relationship with Mt. of the Holy Cross to a T.

For 5 years I’ve wanted to ski this mountain but it never quite worked out.  No partner…road closed…bad snow year…. and then last year I finally made it to the base of the elusive couloir… only to be shut down in the worst way.

But this year would be different, very different.

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Heli Skiing in Girdwood Alaska, The Trip of a Lifetime

Ok, so I know this is a blog about backcountry skiing.  However, I figured any ski enthusiast wouldn’t hold it against me if I blogged about my latest excursion.

If you’ve every watched a ski movie (Warren Miller, TGR, etc) you’ve inevitably dreamed about taking a helicopter into the heart of the mountains and picking your line.  It’s every skier’s dream and I’ve shared that dream with many for years.  Due to some good fortune I was able to take a trip to Alaska and finally live that dream in early March.  Hopefully this will give some insight to the whole experience. I hope I can convey just a little bit of the sheer joy I experienced in Alaska with Chugach Powder Guides. Continue reading